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There's many different reasons why people seek therapy, and the decision to start is an important step.

Choosing a therapist who gets it and is with you every step of the way makes all the difference.   

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about MELBA

Meet Meba

I'm an Associate Marriage and Family Therapist at Emmada Psychology Center, a Certified Family Life Educator and graduate from Fuller Theological Seminary. 

I have experience in both a community health clinic and church counseling center working with clients of different ages, phases of life, backgrounds and needs. I also have a unique appreciation for the challenges faced by young adults, couples, teens and those with chronic illness(es). 

I am specially trained in Restoration Therapy, which addresses issues of identity (self-esteem) and safety (trauma); however, I also utilize other select models using an experiential and relational approach.


My job is to provide competent, compassionate and
culturally-responsive mental and relational health services. 
I offer consultation sessions for those needing specific guidance or short term help, pre-marital counseling using Prepare/Enrich assessments, and therapy for individuals, couples and families.
I'm also available for Saturday appointments for those seeking intensives or workshops.

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Ask any questions about the process or my approach. 

Figure out if you're ready for therapy and if I'm the right fit for you.

Determine how we will work together to better understand what has you stuck.

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